About the Designer

Helga B. Lilley

Helga’s passion is designing custom homes that are environmentally friendly, take full advantage of the sites they occupy, and delight their occupants.  In every phase of design, she is careful to consider and incorporate her clients’ dreams, wishes, and needs to produce a home they will love.  Her design approach is a collaborative one, taking input from her clients and using it to produce ideas and options for their consideration.  As part of this process, her aim is to educate and inform so that clients fully understand their choices and the implications of those choices.

In order to make designs easily understandable, Helga produces 3D computer models that clients can peruse and manipulate.  These models allow cutaway views, views from any angle, and virtual walkthroughs, making the spaces truly understandable.

Over the years Helga has designed homes in vastly different regions and climates.  Examples include a log home on a lake in New Hampshire, several homes on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean, a traditional Lowcountry home in South Carolina, a farmhouse in rural northern Texas, and a New England Cape in Massachusetts.

Helga holds an M. Arch. degree from Savannah College of Art and Design.

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